Lannet (LCI) utilizes Capital Returns, Inc. and incurs the cost of processing and destruction of
products returned to Capital Returns. LCI wil not assume responsibility for charges incurred by 
customers using other return policies or wholesalers for processing and destruction.


  • Ful unopened sealed containers that are properly labeled and were purchased directly from Lannet .
  • Products that are within the range of 6 months prior to expiration and up to 12 months past expiration.  
  • No prior authorization is required, provided al returns conform to Lannet ’s Return Goods Policy.
  • Al returns must be sent to Capital Returns, Inc. for processing


  • Products that were sold on a non­returnable basis.
  • Products that have deteriorated due to improper storage, water damage, smoke damage, etc.
  • Products that were involved in a fire, flood, or other insurable event.
  • Product not purchased directly from Lannet .
  • Overstock.
  • Products involved in salvage, bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings.
  • Private label product, repackaged product or product in anything other than their original Lannet containers/packaging.


  • Credit/refund wil be issued based upon the current published price when received by LCI or Capital Returns, Inc.


  • Please contact Capital Returns, Inc. at (800) 950­5479 for return instruction
  • LCI reserves the right to verify al returns to make certain that they conform to this policy.
  • LCI reserves the right to promptly destroy al merchandise returned to us that is not eligible for credit or exchange.
  • Transportation charges, including insurance, are the responsibility of the customer.

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